Holding Hands

Coming Soon...

We will soon be opening an ASAM 3.1 Clinically-Managed Residential Treatment Program located in Williamsburg, Virginia. It is an all-inclusive 30 to 90+ day inpatient rehabilitation program. The program is only for men at this time. We provide food, lodging, and clinical peer-based treatment all for free to the individual. All costs are covered by the State of Virginia through Medicaid. Affordable self-pay options are available as well. 


Why We're Excited!

This opportunity is the first of its kind, a clinical peer-based program fully staffed with people in recovery. That's right, 100% of our staff are in recovery from substance abuse themselves. Who better to help, than someone who has been through it before and are recovering themselves?

Our eight-bed facility ensures that the needs of the individual aren't lost. Our staff to patient ratio remains 1 to 8 at times... This means you are potentially getting a level of care that far surpasses even the most exclusive and expensive treatment centers. 

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If you have questions or would like to inquire about treatment for a substance use disorder for you or a loved one, please call today.