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Holding Hands


We are excited to open our Medicaid ASAM 3.1 Clinically-Managed Residential Treatment Program located in Williamsburg, Virginia. You will have a private room in yours. We provide lodging, and clinical peer-based treatment all for free to the individual. All costs are covered by the State of Virginia through Medicaid. Affordable self-pay options are available as well. Please contact our admission's office for details- 757-705-3202

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Why We're Excited!

This opportunity is the first of its kind, a clinical peer-based program fully staffed with people in recovery. That's right, almost all of our staff are in recovery from substance abuse themselves. Who better to help, than someone who has been through it before and are recovering themselves?

Our eight-bed facility ensures that the needs of the individual aren't lost. Our staff to patient ratio remains 1 to 8 at times... This means you are potentially getting a level of care that far surpasses even the most exclusive and expensive treatment centers. 

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What makes up diffrent. 

  • Owned and operated by people in recovery 

  • Family like environment, only 8 residents

  • All rooms are private

  • Peer to peer program

  • Activity Therapy

  • Idyllic environment

  • Individual, Group, and Family Therapy

  • Family Reunification

  • Community Outings



If you have questions or would like to inquire about treatment for a substance use disorder for you or a loved one, please call today.


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